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Interesting facts about me

My first 'Martini' was in 1965 at age 12 when I received an Ithaca Mdl.49.22LR (I still have it).
I also have a BSA No.8 and a 12/15, and (9-10) a MkIII International c/w a 20X scope.
As of 5-09 I added a .577cal. 1870 MkIII Snider Enfield Cav. Carbine.
On 9-09 I acquired a EuroArms Parker Hale Volunteer rifle.
In the past I have had a BSA No.12, a ME AC 1879/98 .303B sporting carbine and a Peabody 'Spanish' model.

I have shot competition matches in: NRA indoor .22 Bullseye, NMLRA and WMLRA muzzle loader, offhand and chunk gun, ASSRA cartridge schuetzen, Wyoming Schuetzen Union team winter postal .22 league, .22LR / 200yd silouette and others I cant think of. Currently I shoot for fun and recreation with the odd varmint thrown in from time to time. 

My work has been mostly in service tech. positions which has carried over well into my gun repair and modifications. I have a 1946 Atlas 12x36 lathe and a Deluxe Sherline Verticle Mill and I am still learning (and stilll having fun).

And just because they are pretty neat I will mention, I have a 1972 black 'English 3 spd' bicycle with the beautiful BSA 'piled arms' badge (and a Triumph and Raleigh in need of rebuild) and in the past a replicar of the 1952 MG-TD in (of course) British Racing Green, custom built in 1981, a '59 Austin A-35 sedan (same running gear as a 'Bugeye' Sprite) and a '61 (?) Sunbeam Alpine (alas, not a Tiger) and a '63 Triumph TR6-SS (somewhat rare Bonny cammed, single carb motorcycle).
On a smaller scale I have a circa 1928ish Bowman 265 live steam locomotive 'in the shops'.

I like strong, dark tea, orange marmalade, gin & tonics and stout.

I think to be a citizen of the United States of America is a blessing and, as a Christian, that our Constitution and Bill of Rights are as close to sacred documents as man can make.  

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